Cheap Controllers

When someone buys one of our controllers on Amazon, they can return it within Amazon’s 30 day return window. We get these controllers shipped back to us, and usually when they have been opened and played with for a few weeks, they are obviously not “new.” We clean up, completely test, repair (as needed) and sell these controllers between our partner company and our eBay store:

  • XboxModZone eBay store (aka paracordinnovations)
  • XboxModZone Etsy store (aka paracordinnovations)
  • XboxModZone Facebook (aka paracordinnovations)

    It’s really a win-win for us and our customers who are a bit more price conscious.

    Custom Jobs

    To best serve our customers, 7 Watts does not do custom work (custom mod functions, mod installs, custom faces/buttons etc) in house. Instead, we partner with an Amazing company:

    They are hardworking, dedicated, & do incredible work. In addition to the above custom work, they are also specialized and solely authorized to install and repair our Mod Chips in all controllers.

    In Short (TLDR)

  • Thumbsticks Repaired
  • ABXY Repaired (common in Elite Series 2)
  • Repairs of 7 Watts controllers
  • Exclusive 7 Watts modded controllers, customs, limited editions, & other specialties you can’t get from our Amazon store.
  • Refurbed controllers (that I would buy and recommend, before getting a new one from Xbox)
  • Mods Installed in YOUR controller you already bought
  • CUSTOM faceplates (They do TRUE custom paint jobs & Hydrodipping - not just the simple plates you can get off Chinese Amazon sellers)
  • Custom sticks, buttons, etc

    GO TO

  • “Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising in the world. ”

    —Milton Hershey, Entrepreneur and Founder, Hershey Chocolate Company